WordPress Theme Free Download UpdraftPlus Premium v2.16.26.24 Latest

Free Download UpdraftPlus Premium v2.16.23.24 Latest
Free Download UpdraftPlus Premium v2.16.23.24 Latest

Free Download UpdraftPlus Premium – UpdraftPlus Premium is the highest-rated and most popular WordPress backup plugin. It is being used by more than 2M+ WordPress site owners, including Microsoft and Cisco. UpdraftPlus also has a free version available with limited features. UpdraftPlus Premium unlocks many useful backup and site cloning features. By using this plugin, you take the backup of every single item of your WordPress site like plugins, themes, uploads, database, etc. in a single click. If we talk of a restoration of data, then it is just a few clicks away. This plugin works directly from your WordPress dashboard, and you don’t need to be a techy person to use it.

Free Download UpdraftPlus Premium v2.16.23.24 Latest
Free Download UpdraftPlus Premium v2.16.26.24 Latest

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UpdraftPlus Premium also supports incremental backups, which means it will backup only the newly changed things that are added after the last full backup. The benefit of incremental backups is that they are minimal and don’t use lots of resources. This plugin also allows you to store backup data in remote storage locations like Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, and many others. With UpdraftPlus Premium, you can also schedule backups to a specific time. Overall, UpdraftPlus Premium is a flexible WordPress backup plugin with the most advanced features.

What’s New in UpdraftPlus Premium v2.16.26.24 (Changelog)

  • Added Post module handler for UpdraftCentral.
  • Added the ability to select which database tables you want to restore.
  • An apparent change in Dropbox API behavior at a recent date was causing uploads to Dropbox to be corrupted in some circumstances in versions 1.16.24
  • Prevent PHP notice when logging a Google Drive account full condition.
  • Prevent potential PHP notice if returned OneDrive quota is zero.
  • Remove filesize warning from the log if we successfully added the file to the zip to prevent user concern.
  • Set ‘NO_AUTO_VALUE_ON_ZERO’ SQL mode on restorations, for better compatibility with MySQL 8.
  • Added WordFence logging tables to a list of optional tables.
  • Detect non-homepage 404s and provide FAQ link after a restore.
  • Added paging to the existing backups table to prevent long loading times for sites with a large number of backups.
  • Remove unwanted padding on some buttons.
  • Fix regression with some S3-compatible providers caused by a previous switch to virtual-hosted style bucket referencing.
  • Integrate input credentials from UpdraftCentral’s zip install feature.
  • And some other minor tweaks and bug fixes.

Core Features of UpdraftPlus Premium – WordPress Backup Plugin

  • Highly trusted plugin
  • Easy to use interface
  • Complete WordPress backup in a single click
  • Scheduled backups support
  • Easy restoration of data
  • Site cloning and migration option
  • Remote storage location support
  • Incremental backup support
  • Highly efficient
  • Uses less memory
  • Allows to encrypt the database
  • WP-CLI support
  • Non-WordPress files backup also possible
  • Multi-Site compatible
  • Automated backups
  • Routinely backups
  • UpdraftVault 1GB free storage
  • Multiple remote storage options
  • Latest technologies supported
  • Lightweight plugins
  • Backup reports
  • Display backup status with errors and warnings
  • File checksum for verification
  • Can restore backups made by other backups plugins

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