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Soulja Boy

Looking for information on Soulja Boy net worth 2023? This blog article provides a detailed overview of the American rapper’s career, success, and current net worth. Soulja Boy has been a prominent figure in the music industry since his debut in 2007, and his unique rapping style and catchy songs have garnered him a massive fan base. The article covers his early life, rise to fame, and the multiple hit songs that led to his current net worth. Additionally, it details his personal life, including his car collection and extravagant lifestyle. For anyone interested in knowing more about Soulja Boy and his financial success, this blog article offers all the necessary details.

Get all the details about Soulja Boy’s net worth in 2023 and more on this page. Soulja Boy is a renowned American rapper and record producer, with an impressive net worth of $35 million. With a successful career spanning several years, Soulja Boy is highly regarded in the American rap industry for his talent as both a rapper and producer. He began his musical journey in 2004 at the age of 14 and has since achieved significant recognition for his work. Learn more about Soulja Boy’s biography, age, wife, height, weight, and other intriguing details here on this page.

Although Soulja Boy faced significant challenges during his early career, his fortunes took a turn for the better in 2007 with the release of his debut single, Crank That (Soulja Boy), which became an instant sensation. This song climbed to the top of the Billboard 100 chart and brought him considerable recognition. Soulja Boy’s success continued to grow, earning him a spot on Forbes’ Hip Hop Kings list where he ranked 18th. His achievements are a testament to his talent and hard work in the music industry.

Net Worth
$35 Million


Soulja Boy


$3 Million +

Monthly Income:

$2,50,000 +

Date of Birth:

July 28, 1990


32 Yrs




1.70m (5′ 7″)


65 kg (143 lbs)


Rapper, record producer



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Soulja Boy Net Worth 2023

In 2007, Soulja Boy launched his first single, which quickly became a massive hit. His unique rapping style, characterized by rudimentary yet catchy lyrics, set him apart from other artists in the industry. Thanks to his impressive talent and hard work, Soulja Boy has amassed a healthy fortune, earning him a coveted spot on Forbes’ list.

Currently, his net worth stands at an impressive $35 million. Over the years, Soulja Boy has released a plethora of successful singles, albums, and collaborations that have further cemented his position as a prominent figure in the music industry. Learn more about his achievements and contributions by exploring his work.

Full Name:

DeAndre Cortez Way

Net Worth 2023

$35 Million


Rapper, record producer

Monthly Income And Salary:

$250,000 +

Yearly Income And Salary:

$3 Million +

Last Updated:

15, February 2023

Soulja Boy Assets

Soulja Boy is a highly successful American icon who has gained tremendous prominence in the entertainment industry. He was raised in Atlanta and Mississippi, but currently resides in Los Angeles, where he owns a lavish and spacious house. As a car enthusiast, Soulja Boy boasts an impressive collection of vehicles, including stunning models like Porsche, Audi, and Aston Martin. He enjoys the thrill of speed and can often be seen cruising around in his luxurious cars.

Learn more about Soulja Boy interests and lifestyle by exploring his car collection and other endeavors.

Soulja Boy Net Worth Growth

Net Worth in 2023

$35 Million

Net Worth in 2022

$32 Million

Net Worth in 2021

$29 Million

Net Worth in 2020

$26 Million

Net Worth in 2019

$23 Million

Net Worth in 2018

$21 Million

Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy Biography 2023

Soulja Boy, whose real name is DeAndre Cortez Way, is a renowned and highly successful American figure. He was born on July 28, 1990, in Chicago, Illinois, United States. While he tends to keep his personal life private, he has shared some details about his upbringing.

At the age of six, Way relocated with his family to Atlanta, Georgia, where he spent eight years of his life. During this time, he discovered a passion for rap music and began experimenting with his own rapping style. Learn more about Soulja Boy’s journey and contributions to the music industry by exploring his life and work.

At the age of 14, Soulja Boy relocated to Mississippi with his father, although little is known about his parents and siblings. Throughout his career, Soulja Boy has often spoken about his father’s crucial role in his success. Specifically, his father’s gift of a recording studio ignited his passion for music and paved the way for his remarkable career.

Discover more about Soulja Boy’s journey and accomplishments by exploring his personal life and artistic contributions.

Full Name/Real Name

DeAndre Cortez Way

Nick Name/Celebrated Name:

Soulja Boy

Birth Place

Chicago, IL, USA

Date of Birth

28 July 1990


32 years old


In Centimetres – 170 cm – In Feet and Inches – 5’7”

Weight (Approx.)

In Kilograms – 65 kg – In Pounds – 143 lbs

Eye Color:


Hair Color:


Parents Name:

Father – Tracy Way

Mother – Lisa Way




South Panola High School







Social Media Accounts:

Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter



Sexual Orientation:


Marital Status:

In a relationship


Jackilyn Martinez

Wife/Spouse Name:


Kids/Children Name:



Rapper, record producer

Net Worth:

$35 million

Last Updated:

February, 15 2023

Soulja Boy Career and Awards

Soulja Boy career in rap began in 2004, when his father gifted him a recording studio where he recorded most of his early works. He initially released his music on SoundClick, but later achieved greater success after creating accounts on YouTube and Myspace. In 2007, he released his first independent album, titled “Unsigned & Still Major: Da Album Before da Album,” and shortly after, he released his debut single “Crank That,” which quickly became a sensation and topped the Billboard charts.

Soulja Boy’s remarkable success has earned him numerous accolades, and he has received several awards throughout his career. Discover more about his journey and accomplishments by exploring Soulja Boy’s career and the recognition he has received.

After topping the charts for seven non-consecutive weeks, Soulja Boy signed a record deal with Inter scope Records. He released his major-label debut album in 2007, entitled “,” which garnered significant attention and contributed to his growing success as a worldwide sensation.

In addition to his achievements in music, Soulja Boy has also made appearances on various television shows and movies, including “My Super Sweet 16,” “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon,” “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood,” and more. Learn more about Soulja Boy’s diverse career and his impact on the entertainment industry by exploring his extensive body of work and public appearances.

Soulja Boy Social Media Accounts


Almost 7.1M Followers


Almost 1M Followers


Almost 11M Followers


Almost 3.3M Subscribers



Click Here



Click Here

Soulja Boy Education

While not much is known about his education or early life, it is known that Soulja Boy completed his early education at South Panola High School. He began rapping at the young age of 6, and his passion for music was further fueled by the gift of a recording studio provided by his father.

Despite not sharing much about his early years, Soulja Boy’s hard work and dedication to his craft have undoubtedly paid off, as evidenced by his successful career as a rapper, producer, and actor.


In conclusion, Soulja Boy is a highly successful American rapper, record producer, and actor who has achieved massive success in his career. Despite facing hardships in his initial days, he gained critical acclaim and commercial success with his debut single “Crank That” in 2007.

His unique rapping style and catchy lyrics have made him stand out from the crowd, and his talent has earned him numerous awards and accolades. In addition to his music career, he has also made a name for himself in television and movies. Overall, Soulja Boy’s story is a testament to the power of passion and hard work in achieving success.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the net worth of Soulja Boy?

Soulja Boy’s net worth is around $35 Million.

What is the age of Soulja Boy?

Currently, Soulja Boy is 32 years old (28 July 1990).

What is the Salary of Soulja Boy?

Soulja Boy earns an estimated salary of $3 Million + Per Year.

What is the Height of Soulja Boy?

The Height of Soulja Boy is 1.70 M

What is the name of Soulja Boy’s Wife?

Soulja Boy is currently in a relationship with Jackilyn Martinez.

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